Christopher DeStefano has been in the Home Improvement Business for over 20

years, specializing in tile installations and Bathroom and Kitchen renovations. In

Aug of 2000 he decided to give his own business a try, with the support of his

wonderful wife and family and has never looked back. Out of respect for his

father and his grandfather, Christopher named his company Dante. Dante was

the name of his grandfather, whom he never met and was also a tile installer.

- Our company, along with our associates, have the experience and know how to make your next renovation a success.

- Dante Home Improvement Co., LLC is a proud member of BBB and The Building Trades Association.

- We are fully insured and licensed (#13VH00672300) in the state of New Jersey.

Genral Contracting Services

1. All phases of tile installation.

2. Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations.

3. Custom Finish Carpentry.

4. Decks